Well Baby/Child Office Visits

Regular visits to the pediatrician are a key part of preventative health care.  At Associates in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in Baton Rouge, each visit our pediatricians will fully examine your child.  This checkup will give your child’s pediatrician a chance to:

*Make sure your child is eating well, growing well, and is healthy.

*Update immunizations.

*Track your child’s growth and development.

*Find physical problems before they become serious.

*Help inform you on how to keep your child healthy and safe.

*Answer any and all questions.

Infants and children need frequent checkups  during the first 24 months of life.  After age 2 they will need to be seen for well visits once a year.

Make sure you write down any questions you have before each office visit, so that you do not forget to ask them.  Keep up-to-date records on your child’s growth and immunizations if ever done at any other office, clinic, or walk-in facility.  Bring this information with you.