FAQ about partnership with Ochsner Health

This page has been developed to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about the new
agreement between Associates in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine and Ochsner Health. Please email
office.manager@pediatricsbr.com if you have any additional questions.
Why is Associates in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine joining Ochsner?
Associates in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine is passionate about caring for children and taking care of our
employees. We continually look to improve health outcomes, improve the experience of care, enhance access
to care and use information technology in more advanced ways to meet the evolving needs of our patients –
and to do all of this in the most cost efficient manner possible.
We chose Ochsner and they chose us because:
  • We share similar values. Like us, Ochsner is committed to the health of children across the state and committed to their employees.
  • We share a common vision. Ochsner has a vision to improve the health rankings in our state across the board, moving Louisiana from the bottom of the rankings to 40 or better by 2030.
  • We know technology enhances the care we provide. Ochsner has invested in Epic, an industry-leading electronic health information software. Associates in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine will install the Ochsner instance of Epic, which will improve care coordination, patient registration, scheduling, clinical integration and streamline billing. Epic will effectively coordinate care for patients and their caregivers, allowing them to have better access to their own health information through Epic’s patient portal, MyChart.
                                  o Through MyChart, patients/caregivers can easily schedule appointments, communicate with
                                      their doctors, request prescription refills, and view visit summaries, lab and imaging results
                                      from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
                                  o With Ochsner, we’ll be able to implement this technology for our patients at a fraction of the
                                      cost and time it would take to do so on our own.
  • We can offer more specialty care. A pediatric super-clinic is under construction now at Ochsner Medical Complex – The Grove. Once complete, an unprecedented collection of pediatric specialists and therapy services will be available under one roof. Our patients access and care coordination with these specialists will be quick and easy.
  • We can reduce the cost of care.  As we look to grow into the future and provide services for generations to come, working with Ochsner means that we can purchase supplies and equipment at a significant savings to our organization due to Ochsner’s scale.

We must continue to evolve to meet the needs of our patients. As part of Ochsner Health, we will be better positioned to identify growth opportunities, implement best-in-class technology, and offer digital medicine tools in the most effective way possible.

Ochsner is nationally recognized as a healthcare leader, treating nearly 900,000 patients from every parish in Louisiana, every state in the U.S. and more than 70 countries. Last year alone, Ochsner conducted more than 2.5 million patient visits. By partnering with the healthcare leader in Louisiana, we can continue to grow and deliver even more innovative care.

How does this agreement affect my relationship with my physician? Are you relocating?
  • Associates in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine patients will continue to have access to the same outstanding physicians they know and trust, and the same services offered today.
  • Our office will remain at its current location.
  • Hospital privileges remain intact with facilities across Greater Baton Rouge.
Why is Ochsner the right partner for Associates in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine?
Ochsner’s national reputation, statewide presence and mission make them a natural fit for Associates in
Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. Ochsner is committed to improving the health and well-being of
communities across Louisiana, and their willingness to think differently and innovate healthcare will allow us to
offer more for our patients.
In addition to sharing strong values and a common vision to positively impact health, we both put people first –
our teams, our patients, and our communities. We will share one powerful mission and core values that will
guide our decisions, inspire our actions, and influence our relationships with patients, colleagues, and