Medications We Sell

Our In-house Pharmacy
For the convenience of our patients, we have a small pharmacy which include many generic over-the-counter and prescription medications.  Ask the doctor or medical assistant if we have your medication in stock.

We are unable to file these medications thru your insurance.


Below is a list of medications that we currently have in stock.

Over the counter medications:

Generic Dimaphen DM Generic Cough/Congestion 4 oz.
Generic Benadryl liquid 4 oz.
Benadryl  capsules 25 mg.
Generic Zyrtec  liquid 4 oz.
Generic Zyrtec tabs 30 ct.
Generic Zyrtec  tabs 90 ct.
Generic Claritin  liquid 4 oz.
Generic Claritin  tabs 30 ct.
Generic Claritin  tabs 100 ct.
Hydrocortisone Cream  ointment 4 oz.
Generic Zantac tabs 30 ct.
Generic Tylenol  liquid 4 oz.
Generic Tylenol  tabs 24 ct.
Generic Motrin liquid  4 oz.
Generic Motrin tabs 24 ct.
Tri-Vi-Sol Drops  liquid vitamins 50 ml.
Flonase  nasal spray 50 mcg.
 Debrox  ear wash 2 oz.


Albuterol 0.083% vials 25 vials
Amoxil 400/5cc liquid 100 ml.
Amoxil tabs-875 mg. 20 tabs
Augmentin tabs-875 mg. 30 tabs
Zithromax 200/5cc liquid 30 ml.
Z-pack tabs-250 mg. 6 ct.
Bactroban 2% ointment 22 g.
Triamcinolone Cream 0.1% cream 15 g.
Tobramycin Opth. Drops 0.3% eye drops 5 ml.
Zofran ODT 4 mg. 4 tabs
Zofran ODT 8 mg. 4 tabs
Zantac Syrup 15 mg./ml. 60 ml.
Clindamycin 150 mg. 30 tabs
Singulair 4 mg. 30 tabs
Singulair 4 mg. 90 tabs
Singulair 5 mg. 30 tabs
Singulair 5 mg. 90 tabs
 Singulair  10 mg.  90 tabs