Infant Sleep Training

Does your baby wake throughout the night?  Is she very difficult to get to sleep?  Does your toddler leave his room at night and try to get in your bed?

Our pediatricians in Baton Rouge are very experienced with solving infant sleep problems.  In addition to examining the child for any physical reasons for poor sleep, we discuss baby sleeping habits at all well visits and are experts in methods to improve your child’s sleep.  At Associates in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine we have 4 pediatricians who are well versed in bedtime routines, sleep hygiene and improving the sleep for everyone in the home.  Unlike sleep consultants, our visits, whether for a well-baby check or just for sleep issues, are covered under your insurance just like any other well or sick visit.

If your baby is not sleeping as well as you expected, first determine if there is an illness or other reason by seeing one of our pediatricians.   Once illness has been ruled out, we can discuss your sleep and baby’s sleep, giving you a detailed plan and follow up if necessary.  Our pediatricians are always available by phone after hours for significant problems.

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