FluMist Shipments Delayed

There has been a nation-wide recall of approximately 2 million doses of FluMist.  These doses were recalled prior to being released/shipped.  The testing done by the FDA revealed that this particular batch was not up to FDA standards.  All previously shipped doses passed FDA inspections and are safe and fully effective.  The manufacturer of FluMist has indicated that they anticipate release of another batch after Thanksgiving.

The pediatricians at Associates in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine are very disappointed that we will not have as much FluMist available now as we have in past Octobers.  However, we do not recommend waiting until December to get your flu vaccine.  We have plenty of quadravalent FluShots and recommend these to all of our patients, regardless of age.

If you or your child has not yet received a flu vaccine, please get vaccinated as soon as possible.  Please call our office to schedule at your earliest convenience.