Associates in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Elofson, Fakouri, Perilloux and Cook are available for your medicine needs.  The American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC are recommending NOT deferring your check-ups and vaccines if your child is under 2 years old.  Our office is OPEN in the mornings, primarily, for well-visits and non-contagious conditions.  Protect your children from all illnesses with necessary vaccines.  We are available for well visits for all ages.

We understand your concern about COVID 19 (Corona virus).  Our safe practices include:

  1. All APAM employees with patient contact wear masks.  Recommend all patients wear masks, also.
  2. Requiring all sick patients to remain in their vehicles until they can be placed directly into clean exam rooms.
  3. Separate entrance in back for any potentially contagious patients.
  4. We have three “sick” rooms for those patients with potentially contagious conditions.
  5. All exam rooms are disinfected thoroughly after every patient visit.

Until COVID 19 testing kits become more readily available in Louisiana, the criteria for testing those pediatric patients with symptoms are:  •• Hospitalized or in ER with significant symptoms/signs, ie. shortness of breath.  ••  With significant chronic illnesses or are immune compromised. •• Newborns born to COVID positive mothers.

TELEMEDICINE is available for many visits. Ask the front desk, if you desire a telemedicine visit with any of our doctors. Call 225-928-0867 to schedule any type of appointment.