Drugs and their use

Drugs and Their Use in Children

– Drugs, including prescription drugs, should not be given unless absolutely necessary.

– No drug at all should be given to an infant under 6 months of age unless recommended by your pediatrician.

– Drugs should be given only in recommended doses.

– Liquid drugs should be given with an accurate measuring device.  Household spoons vary and size and should not be used.

– Always learn the name of the drug, what it is for and the correct dosage.

– Never give your child someone else’s medicine.

– Never save medicine.  Many drugs deteriorate with age and may become toxic.

– Commonly used drugs should be kept in small quantities and always out of children’s reach.

– Drugs, including vitamins, should never be referred to as candy.  The child may be tempted to take the whole bottle if he thinks it is candy.