Prenatal Visit

Pregnancy is an exciting time. Your life is changing before your eyes. One of the important decisions you need to make is “Who will be my baby’s pediatrician”. If you have already decided that one of us will be your pediatrician, tell your obstetrician and the hospital where you will deliver. The nurses will notify us after you deliver. Provided all is well, we will see you in the evening or morning. If there are any problems, we may need to see you sooner. If you are still deciding and would like to meet a pediatrician, call the office (225-928-0867) and ask the receptionist to schedule a prenatal visit with any of our physicians. Usually these are scheduled before lunch or the last appointment in the afternoon. This affords you the opportunity to see our office, meet our RNs and your future pediatrician (hopefully). Please come with a written list of questions, so all can be answered. Fill out the Prenatal Form, so we can meet your needs better. It will be an honor to meet you.

You will receive a “baby book” that will discuss routine baby/child care, common childhood illnesses, check up times and office policies. Hospitals that we serve for newborn care are Woman’s Hospital and Baton Rouge General Health Center (Bluebonnet). Dr. Perilloux also has privileges at Lane Memorial in Zachary. As of now, we do not have privileges at Ochsner. Ochsner has staff pediatricians that will see you in the hospital. Just advise Ochsner on whom you selected as your pediatrician and they will send your hospital records to that doctor.

Our prayers will be with you as you deliver a new baby and move into a special time of life. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.