Medications We Sell

Our In-house Pharmacy
After seeing the doctor, for busy parents like many of ours, going to the pharmacy to pick up medication is often a very time-consuming and frustrating.  For the conveinence of our patients we have a small pharmacy that is stocked with many children’s prescription medications, including many liquid and tablet antibiotics, creams, cold medicines and others.  We also have many generic over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl, Benadryl cream, MucinexDM, Zyrtec D, and many more.  While we cannot file these medications through your insurance, we do provide the receipts.  If you are interested in purchasing your medication here, just ask the doctor or medical assistant if we have your medications here and avoid the inconveince of going to pharmacy and driving in Baton Rouge traffic.

Below is a list of medications that we currently have in stock.

Dimaphen DM Generic Cough/Congestion 4 oz.
Mucinex DM tabs Generic Cough/Congestion 20 ct.
Miralax 14 dose   238 g.
Melatonin 3 mg.   60 ct.
Diphenhydramine Generic Bendaryl 4 oz.
Benadryl Capsules   25 mg.
Generic Zyrtec D12   12 ct.
Generic Zyrtec   4 oz., 30ct.,90ct.
Generic Claritin   4oz., 10ct., 30 ct., 100 ct.
Allegra 180 mg.   30 tabs
Generic Benadryl Cream  Ointment 4 oz.
Hydrocortisone Cream  Ointment 4 oz.
Polysporin Antibiotic Cream  Ointment 30 g.
Zinc Oxide  Ointment  2 oz.
Ranitidine 150 mg.  Generic Zantac 24 ct.
Generic Tylenol 500 mg. tabs   24 ct.
Generic Children’s Tylenol   4 oz.
 Generic Infant’s Motrin Drops   15 ml.
Generic Children’s Motrin   4oz./8oz.
Generic Ibuprofen 200mg. tabs   24 ct.
Chewable Vitamins  w/ iron & w/o iron 100 ct.
Vitamin Drops with Iron   50 ml.
Tri-Vi-Sol Drops   50 ml.
 Sudafed Syrup    
 Sudafed PE tabs    10 mg.
 Albuterol Neb Solution    25 x 3ml
 Amoxil  liquid-400/5cc  100ml
 Amoxil  tabs-875mg  20 tabs
 Augmentin  tabs-875mg  20 tabs
 Zithromax  liquid-200/5cc  30ml
 Zithromax  tabs-250mg  6 tabs
 Nizoral Cream  2% cream  30g.
 Bactroban  2% ointment  22g.
 Triamcinolone Cream  0.1% cream  15g.
 Tobramycin Ophthal Drops  0.3% eye drops  5ml
Zofran  ODT 4mg  4 tabs
 Prednisone  tabs- 20mg  20 tabs
 Zantac syrup  syrup- 15mg/ml  60ml
 Zantac tablets  tabs-150mg  20 tabs
 Bactrim/Septra liquid    100ml
 Bactrim DS/ Septra DS    20 tabs
 Fluoride chew tabs  0.25mg  100 tabs
 Fluoride infant drops  0.5mg/ml  50 ml